Welcome to the Atelier Paleo

Creation of prehistoric knives with silex or obsidian blades.
Manufacture of facsimiles of archaeological pieces: silex arrowheads, bifaces, axe blades, or any other prehistoric tools.
Animation of children's and adults' workshops to initiate them to prehistory.
Training of trainees in prehistoric techniques such as flintknapping, friction fire, but also in the work of other materials such as deer antler, bone, vegetable wood...

Experimentation of prehistoric techniques is the core of our activity.

couteau silex C1606 couteau silex C506 couteau silex C507 couteau silex C607 couteau silex C707 couteau silex C807 pointe de flèche P2807 animation feu au chateau d'Aleret animation tir au propdivseur à Polignac animation feu au château d'Aleret essorage de la peau animation peinture pariétal intervention taille du silex parure PA406 grattage de la peau coucher de soleil avec notre teepee

Important message

Hello to all of you,
Our creation of prehistoric pieces activity is put to sleep for some time. Paleo is still working on other areas like the entertainment one.
To follow all shop or Paleo news, I invite you on our facebook page.

See you soon,

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Does it cut?

Flint knife

Does it cut? A question that often comes up... Here is our video report of cutting meat with a flint knife.

Visit of the Pont d'Arc cave

The cave seen from the outside ©️ Patrick Aventurier 2015

We went to visit the clan of the Pont d'Arc Cave. Seen from the outside, the cave site is beautifully camouflaged by the vegetation and topography of the site...

Family course: Fire - Part 1

a ember by percussion

Continuation of our Paleo course played by the whole Kepinski clan! Today I taught them the techniques of fire obtaining. My trainees are 7, 12, 15, and 40 years old. It's a very good age group, showing especially that everyone can make their own prehistoric fire.

Family course: Flintknapping - Part 1

The basalt cliff of Prades

Continuation of the prehistoric techniques course of the Kepinski clan. For this act, the whole clan followed in the traces of prehistoric man on the shores of the Haut Allier in order to learn how to make stone tools.

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